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Norway, Black/Roof Rats, and Mice

rats removal cape coral

The best and only really effective way to control rats and mice is to stop feeding them. Don't leave pet food out overnight or stock your platform or ground feeders with more than a day's worth of seed. Use rat- proof containers, such as garbage cans with tightly fitting lids, to store dry foodstuff. Situate brush piles well away from the bases of buildings. Encourage rat snakes! Remember that native rodents, particularly cotton rats, may be attracted to your yard. Unlike the unwanted Norway and black rats, our native species seldom occur inside buildings, don't pose a health threat, and can be fun to observe. They also are important foods to predators such as owls, hawks, and foxes. If you see rodents away from buildings or trash piles, they are likely beneficial, native species.

(Source: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)

We inspect the property for the animal entry points, trap all rodents over a two week period, close the entry points so no new rodents can enter, and add a deterrent so no new rodents enter the property. We guarantee all work.

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