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Raccoon Removal

Raccoons can cause quite a bit of damage to homes, businesses and surrounding properties. Tearing through pool screens, defecating in pools, damaging soffits and gaining access to attics are just a few items on the list. When you call us our first order of business will be to inspect the property for animal entry points, placing our traps in the best vantage spots and then trap all the animals over a two week period. Once we are assured that all the nuisance animals are removed we will close the entry points so no additional "critters" can follow. We charge a set fee for the entire 2 weeks, no additional charges per animal, ect. All our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction!

Customer review: "We kept having tons of raccoon problems with them ruining our pool cage and trying to get into our home. He set traps for 2 weeks and came out every day to pick up anything caught. He then releases them far away and doesn't kill them! He had one set rate for the two weeks even though he caught 8 raccoons and 5 opossums!! He was very professional, nice and educated us on things we could do to help prevent more issues in the future." Ashely R.

raccoon removal cape coral

Raccoon removal services can include removing raccoons from attics, juvenile raccoon removal from walls, raccoon control on your property, raccoon feces removal and disinfecting contaminated areas.


The raccoon (Procyon lotor) is about the size of a small dog, and is most notable for its black mask and bushy ringed tail.


Raccoons are common throughout the state and occur everywhere there are trees, the cavities of which they often use.


Raccoons are omnivorous feeding on fruits, plant material, eggs, crustaceans, small animals, and garbage.  Raccoons usually become active in the late afternoon and throughout the night.

Problem raccoons are usually the result of chronic feeding by humans. Wild raccoons accustomed to being fed will generally lose their natural fear of humans and seek to move closer to their food source--your house.  Once raccoons take up residence in your attic or outbuildings they can become very destructive and difficult to remove.

(Source: Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission)

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