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muscovy duck removal, cape coralMuscovy Ducks

Feral, domestic muscovies are abundant in Florida, particularly in residential and park situations. These birds were released primarily by private individuals for ornamental purposes or as pets. Domestic muscovies continue to create nuisance problems throughout the state. To our knowledge, no populations of wild-strain muscovies have been established in Florida.

Muscovies are protected by Florida Statute 828.12 regarding animal cruelty. However, because these birds originated in Florida from domestic stock, they are not considered "wildlife." As of March 31st, 2010 a federal control order is in effect that allows control by landowners, wildlife management agencies, and tenants, agents, or employees without federal or state permits, and prohibits the release of muscovies.  Muscovy ducks have been introduced into urban and suburban areas in Florida where they often occur in high densities. Muscovies can be extremely prolific, and local populations, if uncontrolled, can increase dramatically in a short time. As a result, controversies frequently arise between residents who enjoy the birds and residents who consider them a nuisance.

Muscovy ducks, like other domestic animals, are considered private property. If someone claims ownership, the birds are the owner's to do with as he or she pleases, so long as Florida Statute 828.12 regarding animal cruelty is not violated. Similarly, if the muscovies have no owner, no state or federal law prohibits their capture and humane euthanization. This can be a last resort to resolve a nuisance problem.

(Source: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)

We also remove Pigeons, Starlings, and Sparrows.

We inspect the property for ducks or birds, set traps or directly euthanize, and add a deterrent so new ducks or birds do not enter the property.

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