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Background Information

The domestic cat (Felis catus) is a beloved house pet, with over 77 million pet cats nationwide. Of these, about 43 million spend some time outside.  Additionally, there may be 60 to 100 million homeless stray and feral cats.  Domestic cats are becoming a common feature not only of our backyards and city streets but also of our parks and other wild lands.

Domestic cats are descended from the wild cat of Africa and southwestern Asia and were domesticated by the Egyptians about 4,000 years ago.  Animal behavior experts note that cats will hunt and kill even if well fed.  Domestic cats are very effective predators on rabbits, squirrels, mice, lizards, snakes, and many species of wild birds.


Domestic cats can have impacts on native wildlife

(Source: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission)

We inspect the property for the animal entry points, trap all feral cats over a two week period, and use a deterrent so no new feral cats come onto the property. We guarantee all work.

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