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wild bees removal cape coral fl

Stinging Florida bugs such as bees are irritating to the average person and very dangerous to those who are allergic to them. Mosquitoes, wasps, and bees are usually responsible for a sting from a winged insect. Honeybees, species apis mellifera, which are common in Florida, produce a painful sting and usually do so in defense or if one of their nests has been disturbed.

Honeybees are normally furry, and easily recognizable by the yellow and black bands on their abdomen. They are about a ½" in length, with a head, a thorax or mid section, and an abdomen. The thorax has six legs and two wings, while the breathing sacs, poison gland and stinger are located on the rear of the abdomen. Bees die after they sting, leaving their stinger and venom sacs attached, which continue to release venom until the sac is emptied or the stinger is removed.

Bee removal, cape coral

Wasps, order Hymenoptera, are generally 1-2 inches long, slender, narrow-waisted with long legs and are usually reddish-orange to brown or black in color. They also appear smooth-skinned and shiny. Unlike bees, which can only sting once before dying, wasps can sting repeatedly and will often do so if they feel threatened or if they are defending their nest. However, they are not overly-aggressive and will not attack humans unless provoked. Only females have the ability to sting.

(Source: Florida Bugs)

We inspect the property for bees, remove the hive whenever possible, and close up entry points if an opening is present. We relocate all European Honeybees whenever possible. All Africanized Killer Bees and Wasps are euthanized using a NON Chemical means. All work is guaranteed.

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