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Professional Wildlife Removal Photo Gallery

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Professional Wildlife Removers

Beekeeper suit 2 raccoons captured Wildlife removal
Patrick Gibson on roof Patrick Gibson mask Patrick Gibson
Raccoon capture Possum caught April with raccoon


Bee swarm Bees in wall


Two trapped otters


Trapped raccoon


Captured squirrel

Exclusions and Attic Damage

Animal activity on roof Attic damage from rodents
Attic entry point Animal entry point into attic
Wild animal entry point


Armadillo trapped Armadillo captured Armadillo captured Armadillo Armadillo close up


Bat Netting Bat Trapping Bat colony in attic


Coral snake Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
Cottonmouth young snake Rattlesnake


Juvenile raccoon caught Raccoon capture Captured raccoon Trapped raccoon Raccoon caught in cage Caught raccoon

Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy duck captured Muscovy duck in trap Muscovy duck trapped


Juvenile opossum caught Captured opossum Opossum capture opossum captured opossum Opossum trapped


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