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Attic Restoration

Can you remove my nuisance animals for FREE??  .......... This question comes to us fairly often and we see other companies advertising their "free" services. I don't know about you, but my mother always warned there is no such thing as a free lunch (or animal removal). Typically what these companies tell people is that the animal removal will be free but they need to have their attic restored due to animal damage. They will want you to do is sign a contract for all the work and they will deal directly with your homeowners insurance. There are several problems with this:

1. If you only need a simple animal trapping, not your whole attic restored then it would be far better to pay the trapping fee ($150-$400) then to have your insurance charged thousands of dollars for work that is not needed.

2. Even if your insurance agrees to pay, you still have your deductible. This will vary according to your policy. What is better: paying your thousands for your deductible or a few hundred for trapping the animal?

3. Once you sign the contract, if your insurance denies the claim you will be held liable for the thousands of dollars it costs to restore an attic.

4. Some companies will claim to refund your deductible, this just means they are overcharging your insurance company. After the work is done your insurance premiums may rise or you may be dropped altogether.

Protect yourself by asking questions, look at the attic yourself (don't just take photos on their phones as proof), know who you are dealing with by getting references, checking sources like Angie's List, and the Better Business Bureau. We know of companies who advertise "FREE" animal removal that have had their BBB status revoked due to the number of complaints for fraudulent practices. We have had several clients who had been told that they need a full attic restoration but their attic was fine! Don't fall for scams -- do your research!

No doubt about it, having animals living in your attic is disturbing.

Wildife living in your attic can cause extensive damage to your insulation, A/C ductwork, electrical wiring and other areas. Not only do you have to worry about damage to your home but there can be severe health risks from animal feces and urine in your home.

However, don't let some other companies scare tactics panic you! Call Patrick at Professional Wildlife Removal for a free attic restoration quote. We will show you the damaged areas and provide a breakdown of services needed and every cost reducing option in one easy to understand quote. We will honestly tell you if one is not needed or only partially needed. We provide references and an itemized estimate of work to be done. We want to provide the best possible and least expensive solution for your animal problems.




attic restoration cape coral fl

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